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Afiya Arch Services in Dubai offers innovative 3D & Walkthrough design services for residential and commercial spaces. Offering advanced technical solutions, we strive to create stylish and functional designs to help bring your vision to life. Let us help you visualize your dream space!

Our services

We are pleased to offer high-quality 3D design and walkthrough services to our clients. Our team of experienced designers is skilled in using a variety of software programs and tools to create detailed, accurate representations of spaces and objects in three dimensions. We can create 3D designs for a wide range of industries, including architecture, interior design, and product design.

3D Modeling

3D modeling is the process of creating a three dimensional representation of an object or space using specialized software. This type of design is used for a variety of applications including engineering, animation, product design, and architecture.

Walkthrough Creation

Walkthrough creation is the process of creating a 3D tour of a space or object. This type of design is used for virtual reality applications, architectural visualization, and product design.


Rendering is the process of transforming a 3D model into a realistic digital image. This type of design is used to create photo realistic images for architecture, product design, and video games.

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In addition to traditional 3D designs, we also offer interactive walkthroughs that allow users to explore and interact with our designs. Our walkthroughs are immersive and engaging, and can be experienced using a variety of devices, such as computers, smartphones, and VR headsets.

why choose the Afiya Arch Service

First impression is everything in the business world . That’s why we go above and beyond to design unique and professional Architectural Services at an affordable price keeping quality at top.


We specialize in 3D designs and services, such as the creation of 3D models, animations, virtual reality, and walkthrough designs. Our walkthrough designs allow our clients to have a virtual experience of what the final product will look like.


We strive to create designs that are as realistic as possible, whilst also being aesthetically pleasing at cutthroat costs..


We truly believe that our services will be of great benefit to our clients in Dubai and beyond, and we look forward to helping them create beautiful and unique designs.

How it Works ?

Our online procedure is very simple , just follow the below steps and we will start working for you immediately.

Step 1 : Place your Order

First of all go to the pricing section at the bottom of this page and choose your desire plan i.e. Basic , Standard , Premium then place your order.

Step 2 :Fill out the Questionnaire

After placing your order you will get a questionnaire on the next page where we will ask you some question about how you want us to design , you will also have the option there for writing to us a custom message.

Step 3 : We will start working on your order

Once we received your order details and questionnaire, we will start working on your order immediately , if we require any further information from you we will contact you on your provided email.

Step 4 : Order Delivery

After we complete your order we will deliver it to you on your email address or any appropriate way to you i.e. drop box or Google drive.


We are under process ,for any order please contact us directly @ Email : admin@afiyarch.com or call / whatsapp +971 54 5199760

Our Services

We Provide three different packages to match your needs.




Renders from the provided 3D Model File (upto 6000 sft area) you must provide 3d file,

2 Days Delivery
3 Revisions
  • Include environment
  • 4 renderings




 3D Modeling ( Upto 10,000 sft area) and high Resolution and Ultra Realistic Image Renderings

4 Days Delivery
4 Revisions
  • 3D modeling
  • Include environment
  • 5 renderings




 Designing, 3D modeling ,(upto 10000 sft area), Ultra Realistic Renders & 3d modeling source files

6 Days Delivery
5 Revisions
  • 3D modeling
  • Include environment
  • Include furniture and people
  • Texturing & lighting
  • Unlimited renderings
  • Architectural walkthrough
  • Include source file

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